Thursday, March 16, 2017

Week 10 - Journalism 216

Camden Jones
Journalism 216

Topic 1 - Looking back at my goals from the beginning of the term, they seem simple. However, that being said, I did not accomplish all of them to the extent I would have liked; I have determined that while it is satisfying to see my writing in the newspaper, I don't actually enjoy this kind of writing. It's not something I can see myself doing as a career. My personal writing has taken an upswing in quality, maybe from just writing more, but I like my personal voice better. And lastly, I made few connections with my interviewees - Leland Holden from Grit and Cody Cooper of Bend, OR, are potential contacts for future stories, but they are all that remian of stories.

My favorite story I wrote was the profile on the metal band Grit, mostly because that is the one I spent the most time on and it turned out with the best quality. It also had the best reception when I showed it to the band members, as they found it really cool that I wrote a story about them.

The skill I feel most important to me this term was working with a deadline, and honestly I was lousy at it. I was doing fine for the first half of the term, but I became overwhelmed with other work and my work in this class dropped. For this I'm sorry. It's not respectful to you as a teacher, and it's not respectful to myself since I voluntarily took this class only to mess up halfway through.

The materials provided on Moodle were enough for my purposes, and the only improvement I could think of was perhaps a little bit better of an explanation about the final portfolio on Moodle itself. I gave it my best attempt, but I'm not sure I fulfilled all of the parameters. And lastly, I don't/didn't enjoy the book, only because that is not a genre I find myself liking. I can, however, respect it for its literary quality and think it should be continued for futre classes as it does present some important information about journalism.

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